Fit with IIFYMHi , my name is Emma , I’m a foodie.. A BIG FOODIE. I LOVE FOOD…. seriously it means a lot to me . It makes me happy and gives me energy.However I wasn’t always like this. There were a few years I hated food. Why? I thought food was bad. I thought in order to lose weight and look good , i mustn’t eat. I thought all thin and fit girls don’t eat , I was WRONG.very wrong. After years of starving myself , being afraid of food I ended up losing weight rapidly that destroyed my health and  I became sick.. very sick. I lost over 40 pounds in less than a year and ended up looking like a walking skeleton. Every day I was obsessed with the number on the scale.Obsessed with every crumb I put into my mouth.Obsessed with hating myself, hating life. Until one day I collapsed and was sent to hospital. Only then I realised I had anorexia . Only then I knew that there was a point where I had to stop dieting . Only then I knew health was more significant then looks.


During my recovery I learnt how to love myself , how to take care of myself properly. I intitially thought taking care of myself was clean eating ( better than not eating, right?) I didn’t let myself eat anything not clean. A few months later I stopped and tried a vegetarian/vegan diet . I didn’t feel any better, I still had binges and felt lethargic. Finally I came across IIFYM ( If It Fits Your Macros ) and this gave me freedom. It brought my life back, I felt normal , I felt energised . I ate ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I wanted .

Thinking back I realised How long it took me to get to where I am now. I’m healthy. Not fat,not skinny but fit, strong and balanced. Most importantly , I’m free and happy and that’s what’s life is all about , we should be enjoying every single day, hour , minute and second of our life. This is why I decided to start this blog. I want to teach you how to NOT do what I did. I want to save AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE from falling into the deep hole I fell into because let me tell you now, it’s deep. REALLY DEEP and it takes a long time to climb out of. If you are just starting your weight loss / healthy happy lifestyle , this site is for you. I am no professional expert but I have taught myself many useful resources which I wish I had knew way before beacuse it would have saved me from going through hell.

I want to share everything I know about fitness in this blog. I want to tell you how you can lose weight in the RIGHT WAY . You can do this and maintain/improve  your health,  happiness and confidence. I cant emphasize enough how important mental health is and how the body achieves what the mind believes , so please feel free to read my articles to help you live a better life and prevent falling into evil traps that could damage your physical and mental health.

If you have any problems or questions , I would love to help and give my opinions . Again I’m not a professional , just a girl who has gone through a health roller coaster and has managed to educate herself on living a balanced and happy life. Please leave your comments below and share your own health journey or questions ! I would love to give you as much advice as I can to make your fitness journey simple and enjoyable!


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